Kyle Burton

Resume / CV


My background

focused on developing custom ecommerce platforms with integration into ERP systems, while I also have expertise in supporting large-scale third-party fulfillment operations. More recently, I am working on apps supporting photovoltaic plant operations.

I've lead teams

focusing on having an extreme-ownership mentality, taking apps of all sizes from their genesis, in to the hands of users and beyond. Emphasizing simplicity and stability.

Favourite debugging technique?

Going for a cycle, or 40 minutes in the gym.

Core Experience

8 years

working at delivering high-quality and stable web apps, leveraging static analysis, types, linting, unit/integration tests, automation, and thorough documentation.

10 years

querying MySQL and SQLite databases.

7 years

writing PHP for the Laravel, CakePHP, and Symfony frameworks.

5 years

containerizing apps using Docker and Kubernetes.

Work experience


Senior PHP Developer
Sept 2024 to Present
Vienna, Austria - Remote

Leading the backend development and maintenance of a custom ticketing and monitoring app for the autonomous operations center supporting photovoltaic plants. Highlights include:

  • Introducing and writing custom static analysis to catch bugs early, and increase developer confidence
  • Being the sole driving force at pushing our automated testing to the next level
  • Improve test coverage from 35% to 70% in 5 months
  • Write technical guides, formalizing internal standards
  • Implementing feature flagging through to enable more frequent and safe merges
  • Doing major refactors in a safe and observable manner, in an effort to eliminate technical debt, and prepare for the future


Senior Software Engineer
Sept 2022 - Sept 2024
Prague, Czechia - Remote

Part of a team based in Prague, developed well-tested, performant, and robust software supporting order fulfillment at scale. Highlights included:

  • Implement FIFO order inventory allocation in queues scaling thousands of orders
  • Develop spike protection for warehouses normalizing the flow the orders per day, protecting the warehouses from becoming overwhelmed, helping to manage customer expectations.

Lima Bean

Senior Software Developer
Feb 2021 - Aug 2022
Cape Town, South Africa - Remote

Using experience of the prior several years, I lead teams on fresh projects improving every aspect of our systems, from systems design and developer experience through to the high quality look-and-feel of what the end users received.

Designed applications using CakePHP, Vue.js, Elasticsearch, and Redis as the core set of tooling, while being flexible enough to deliver these apps with Docker, or Kubernetes, on GCP, AWS, or even bare metal.

Responsible for pulling together the necessary pieces in order to drive projects over the finish line, and continuing to fight against technical debt and shifting expectations to keep apps stable and users happy.

Lima Bean

Web Developer
Feb 2017 - Jan 2021
Cape Town, South Africa

Full-stack web developer with a focus on creating scalable web applications and REST APIs served from the cloud. Building with CakePHP, Vue.js, and Docker.

What I'm Looking For

Challenges & Responsibility

A challenging role that presents a continuous stream of problems to solve. I'd like to work alongside a dev team that has a significant degree of autonomy and leadership responsibility, in order effectively solve real problems.

Collab on tough problems

Work alongside people that also enjoy grappling with tough problems, putting our minds together in a way where we produce work that we can be very proud of. Work that sets a high standard, whose quality catches the eyes of others.

Taking step back

An environment that promotes the idea that is OK to take one step back, in order to allow us to take two steps forward. The choices we made yesterday, may need to be reevaluated today, to support the needs of tomorrow.

Preferred tech

includes but is not limited to: PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Vue.js, Livewire, Elasticsearch, TailwindCSS, Docker.


Varsity College

2014 - 2016
Cape Town, South Africa

Dip, Software Development